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Server Actualizado

Mensaje por Anu » Mié Oct 31, 2018 2:28 pm


Acabo de actualizar el servidor a la ultima version de ServUO. Esto corrige varios bugs e intenta alcanzar al servidor oficial en termino de cosas nuevas. Aca una lista de algunas de las cosas que cambiaron:

- Addon Components now deleted in the even the addon is null
- Removed lockpick animation
- Add message to banker withdraw/deposit for non-gold account servers
- Digging up quest item for Valley of One quest should now work with the proper tool settings
- Plant item growth check now resets when maintenance is done on Plant
- Mystic Spells that check targets magic resistance now caps circle at 3. What this will do, is will give a 50/50 chance at like damage skills vs resist skill.
- Bombard spell paralyze duration is now scaled based on resist vs damage skill.
- Added Mastery titles to titles menu
- Added travel restriction to Crystal Portals
- Increased chances to fish up common lava Items
- Removed rewards/love/hate/gold from trade requests where the player used the public moon gate
- Gargish Necklace/earrings no longer get resistance resource bonuses
- Ghosts can no longer go through doors in houses they would otherwise not have access to
- Added trade quest travel restriction to keyword teleporter
- Improved method for finding boat pilot
- Armor Refinement Max Resist now trumps stone form max resist, entirely
- Armor Refinement Max Resist taken into account when cursed
- Added 3 second cooldown to fly spell (2 seconds to cast, 1 second actual cooldown)
- Adding seeds to seed box will auto invalidate original seed properties for display purposes
- Hidden containers no longer block movement
- Renamed BaseSABosses to BaseSABoss
- Added Epiphany Armor
- Talisman Summons will now keep up with their masters
- Added extra logging for item conflict
- Revert titles/names.
- Armor refinement resists will now go negative
- Gender change token fails if a body mod exists
- Reduced damage done by angry fire
- Fixed issue where hit cold area was causing life/mana leech to Lower
- Khal Ankur now unblesses properly, once his guard is killed
- Trick or Treat Evil Twin no longer causes item conflicts
- Command Undead now releases controlled creatures when the player switches master from necromancy
- Fixed new Huntsman trophy id's.
- Huntsman trophies that don't require a wall no longer require a wall
- Cleanup up some recent code in BaseAI for Guard actions
- Renamed AttackMessage to Aggression.cs for obvious reasons
- Death now clears aggressors/aggressed, and removes the dead mobile from others' aggressor/aggressed lists
- Added standard AcquireIndirectTarget for all indirect AOE spells.
- All Indirect targeting regarding pets/masters now go through ValidIndirectTarget method in spellhelper
- Added check to removed ServUO Shard List from spamming console of connection/disconnection
- Fabled Fishing Nets now have a chance to spawn Osiredon.
- More indirect targeting optimizations
- Mastery Party spells now deactivate for players who leave party. If the party disbands, the spell remains for the caster/pets only.
- Fixed issue where on hit weapon properties would not work
- Subsequent tames on pets will no longer reduce stats, however will reduce skills
- Fixed issue where britannian ships would not move with addons on the proper addon spots
- Fixed issue where pets were flagging other controlled pets when they shouldnt with indirect damage
- Skill Mastery spells now expire when the caster dies
- Added Rare armor set drops to peerless's
- Fixed conflagration potion LabelNumber
- Fixed issue where anyone could take items from a Mailbox
- Added Poppies Dust to Plant System Resource
- Flax Flowers now drop proper Resource
- Added Elemental Damage to Exquisite/Quality
- Hit Lower Defense no longer drops on Exquisite/Quality. It now drops as a random reforged property
- Fixed Hit Spell Property for Enchant Spell
- Houses that go into Condemned state now sends a message to all rented vendor owners, per EA
- Traded houses set all rented contracts to not renew for owner and Landlord
- Added Blackrock, Blackrock stew
- Added Special counter attack ability to bane dragon
- Fixed issue where Bulk Order Deed Gump dimensions were too large
- Creatures always get exceptional bonus to instrument as well as music bonus regardless of skill
- Fixed Book of Masteries gump appearance to match EA
- Added Memorial Stone [Underworld Ankh]
- Vendor Serach Map no longer uses regs when recalling

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Re: Server Actualizado

Mensaje por Anu » Dom Nov 11, 2018 2:53 pm

Nueva actualizacion al server. Ojo con esta!

- Added AosAttributes to First Aid Belt
- Added Heal bonus to first aid belt and bandage.cs
- created new item, KhaldunFirstAidBelt. FirstAidBelt will now be the baseclass
- Fixed faction election crash
- Item grid locations (EC) are now dynamically checked and no longer use a list to keep track
- Updated Body Values
- Added logout region for Royal City Inn
- Staff can once again look into NPC PackS
- Creepy Weeds pitchfork now goes to players backpack
- Recieving damage and healing now account towards creature looting rights
- healing players now perform aggressive acts on that players aggressed/aggressor list
- Frenzied Whirlwind no longer affects the oringinal target twice
- Plain's cookies no longer stackable
- Fixed Crash with new looting rights method
- Horn of plenty now recharges a charge every day during November
- Added remaining Huntsmaster rewards
- Horn of Plenty no longer deletes when uses reach 0
- Auto restarting your shard is now configurable in AutoRestart.cfg. This is disabled by default.
- Fixed issues with magincia Gumps
- Imbue last now adds proper delay to imbuing gump being reset
- Crash Fix in AutoRestart Command
- Primeval Lich Puzzle now generates when actual champ spawn is generated

Ojo aca!

- Allured/Command Undead creatures will no longer produce any loot. A convenience extention was added to Utility.cs and will require a core recompile.
- Vice Vs Virtue notortiey/beneficial acts bug has been fixed and works as follows; Any non-VVV player performing a beneficial act on a VVV player that is in active combat with another active VVV player will become orange to any other active VVV member not guilded/allied with the beneficial acts recipient.

Vice Vs Virtue Enhanced Rules, disabled by default (since its a custom addition)
- Vice Vs Virtue combat will be active in ALL facets, not just Felucca
- Entering the region of an active VvV battle will flag any VvV player as combat restricted, ie will not be able to recall/gate
- Silver gained during a VvV battle during an uncontested period (ie, no opposing VvV players in the region) will reduce silver by 50%